Shani Michelle
Owner/Lead Consultant


Hi, I’m Shani Michelle, founder and principal consultant of Genesis 7 Consulting, LLC. I am an image and marketing consultant with a passion for helping both businesses and individuals represent themselves with style and authenticity. 

Style and fashion have always been an important part of my life. From a very young age I found joy in coordinating my outfits, experimenting with color palettes for seasonal wardrobe, shopping for back-to-school clothes, and even creating my own line of shoes in high school. Early on, I recognized the power of appearance in boosting one’s confidence. Helping others around me to tap into this confidence soon became a joy as well; assisting family and friends to build their wardrobe, encouraging them to craft their own unique styles, and organizing portfolios for them to guide their style choices in the future. My love of fashion and style continued into adulthood. Throughout college, I worked in retail and wholesale, and shadowed well established stylists and image consultants. After getting my image consulting certification and establishing the style and image portion of my business; Genesis 7 organically grew into a full image and marketing service business. By working with boutiques and beauty businesses while styling, my passion for marketing was reignited as my business relationships grew while styling.

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduation, I began a career in the automotive marketing technology industry. After several years in the corporate world, I ultimately decided to return to my love of fashion, style, and marketing. I also desired a career where my focus is helping others to feel good about themselves. I followed my entrepreneurial aspirations, established Genesis 7 Consulting, and turned my passion into my profession.

I received my Personal Image Consulting certification from the Studio for Image Professionals.