Genesis 7 Consulting, LLC offers marketing and image solutions to businesses and individuals looking for a fresh start. We are dedicated to providing quality service that represents your most authentic self. Our goal is to improve your life through style and image. The coaching and marketing services help you do what you love without having to worry about the marketing details of your business. Our styling services allow you to be your most confident self without having to worry about your wardrobe.  Put your best foot forward with Genesis 7 and book a service today! 


What services do we offer?

Stylist Coaching

Stylist Coaching

Enroll in our personalized 3 month Style Success program for aspiring and established stylist; or our associate training workshops for boutiques and fashion retailers. 


Business Marketing

Let us support your beauty and/or fashion business by delivering quality marketing services to help you reach your ideal clients. Do what you love and let us do the rest!


Personal Styling

Is it time for a wardrobe update? Reflect your true self and discover your personal style with our personal styling services. Whether you're undergoing a lifestyle change or simply in need of something new, we've got you covered!