She was very passionate about helping me and getting me where I wanted to be. She gave me several choices and options so that she could really find what was best for me. Excellent service and I feel 100% more confident in what I wear!
— Brittany M.
During the last couple of years I had been seriously considering hiring an image consultant to help me shape my fashion-less wardrobe. Anticipating a birthday, and an overall change, I decided to go for it. I initially had a few doubts on the idea of attaining an image consultant, and feeling uncomfortable and nervous in general as I typically despise shopping for clothes. However, when I called Shani Michelle those doubts immediately melted away. She was the perfect combination of professional and friendly, and made me feel completely relaxed and instantly sure of my decision to hire an image consultant. We agreed to start off with my taste, preferences, and some ideas, and then to follow up with a shared Pinterest board that we both can access.
The purpose of the Pinterest board was to gain perspective on things that inspire me and pin fashion trends that can visualize myself wearing. Shani allowed me to find figurative and literal style inspirations. The entire process allowed me to become reflective and gain an understanding of me.

Shani Michelle really knows her stuff. She used her ample background working with brands/stores as well as her expertise in fashion to efficiently analyze the items that were on my Pinterest board. She advised me, based on my preferences, body type and coloring on styles, colors, fabrics, fits/cuts, combining outfits, using accessories, etc. that would work the best for me and help me project the image I was looking for. Importantly, I felt challenged to try new things without ever feeling uncomfortable.

Overall I felt that the investment I made in hiring Shani was ABSOLUTELY, 100% worth it. I had a stellar experience, and would highly recommend Genesis 7 Consulting to any woman looking to make a statement as well as a lifestyle change.
— Kathyrn B.
I entered my first pageant and had no idea where to start! The last thing I needed was an evening wear dress. My pageant was a week away and Shani Michelle was able to come on short notice and help me. We found a dress in my price range with accessories and shoes to match. I decided to add a makeup consultation with her too. She was able to work with the makeup artist to get my correct shade and created a perfect makeup look for my dress. She taught me how to select and apply my makeup properly. It was a long day but worth it! She did an amazing job and I appreciate her expertise and insight.
— Raven B.
I was having a hard time finding the perfect dress for prom and I was shopping a few weeks in advance. Shani Michelle able to work with my budget and she was able to find a dress that flattered my figure in a short amount of time. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for in just one day of shopping! She included hair and makeup recommendations as well as accessory ideas to complete my prom look. I truly enjoyed my shopping trip with her and I will be working with her again soon!
— Alexandra G.
Shani Michelle was a great help! She assisted me in building my personal style. She explained and simplified how to dress for my body, lifestyle, and personality. Her services are absolutely necessary for anyone wanting to gain more confidence.
— Dorothy A.