What's your happy color?

My favorite color is purple but I only own 3 purple garments. Your favorite color isn't always your "happy" color. What is a happy color you ask? Well, it's a color that you wear that makes you  look and feel amazing!

Certain colors look good on certain skin tones. The right colors can make you look happier, healthier, younger, and ultimately make you feel better. I always recommend that my clients get a color service to find out which colors look best on them. But, of those color there's always that one that looks great and makes you feel amazing!

Did you know that colors can also foster certain emotions and feelings? Which is also important when picking your happy color. Orange symbolizes courage, friendliness, success, confidence, optimism, fun, and rejuvenation. So, on days where I'm needing a little boost I throw on one of my orange dresses and strut my stuff! What's your happy color? Or let us help you find your happy color at genesis7consulting.com. Comment below.

Basic Color Info: