Are you ready for SXSW?


I'm a bit of a SXSW vet, no biggy. I've been going for a while now like most Austinites but just this past year I stayed in Dallas and avoided the maheim. This year I'm hitting the streets again!

If there's one thing I've learned about SXSW and music festivals in general, it's that comfort is key. I loooove being cute and fashionable while I'm out and about, but I learned very quickly that I had to be practical too. Music festivals are the best time to wear whatever you want and be carefree! Get creative with your outfits but definitely be aware of what you need to be comfortable throughout the days. Check out some of my tips for being cute, comfortable, and ready to party all week long at SXSW.

sxsw visual
sxsw visual

1. You'll be walking all over the city, standing in long lines, and dancing all day. Get some awesome sneakers and call it a week. If it's a short day then sandals with a little arch or support will do. But for all day events don't ruin the fun with aching feet.

2. Get an easy to carry small tote bag or backpack. If you don't want to carry too much a small cross the body bag will do too. You need something that you can be on the go with but won't weigh you down.

3. You're gonna need some sunnies! Don't bring your $100+ Ray Bans out either. Things get a little crazy at SX and shades get lost all the time. Get some cute but inexpensive sunglasses that you wouldn't miss if you lost them while jamming out to your favorite band.

4. Cotton everything is your friend. Cotton clothing and undergarments. It's hot in Austin and you're going to be moving a lot so you'll need natural and breathable fabrics.

5. Be ready for rain. Pack something for the crazy Texas weather. You never know when it'll just pour down rain. Have an umbrella, rain boots, or a pancho ready to go!

6. If you're going to be out all day and can't make it back to your hotel or friends house be ready to transition from day to night. Keep baby wipes and a small deodorant handy. I even used to keep a change of clothes in the car for the night events. Something quick and easy to throw on. Add some sandals or wedges if you dare!

7. Setting spray will be your saving grace. Don't go cheap on this one. You can never go wrong with de-slick by Urban Decay. I can't rave enough about how amazing their product is. Apply a few times through out the day to keep your makeup in place from sun up to sundown. Also, while we're talking about keeping a flawless face be sure to have sunscreen for the daytime shows.

Bonus: Get a pocket phone charger or an extra battery Sitting around a charging booth when there's fun to be had is...well, no fun! And having a dead phone is a stinker too so come prepared to party and stay connected 😘.