Why every woman needs a wrap dress!



Everyone knows how much I admire and love Diane Von Furstenberg. Not only because she's a beautiful, inspiring, and talented designer, but also because she created and popularized the wrap dress! Almost 40 years ago DVF changed the fashion industry with her jersey wrap dresses.

On Valentine's day her new Fall 2016 collection debuted at New York Fashion Week. As always the prints are bold and the silouettes are feminine and flirty. Her clothes always celebrate women and are effortlessly sexy!

Wrap dresses can be comfortable, casual, sexy, fun and they are always stylish! One thing that I love most about a good wrap dress is that it pulls your waist in, which is essentially what most women want. It's a flattering dress for most, if not all body shapes. But you have to find the right one. Another great thing is that as women our weight can fluctuate and a wrap dress can easily be adjusted for weight gain or loss. It's versatile and timeless! They say everyone woman needs a little black dress but I say everyone woman needs a go to wrap dress too!

DVF FW 2016 - NY Fashion Week