Dare to be different

I wore this dress on NYE and it wasn't even the dress I really wanted. I originally wanted a sexier dress from Nasty Gal that was velvet, burgundy, and had a trendy lace up detail in the front. They sold out of that dress and I decided to order this dress instead, and I'm glad I did. Although I didn't take any pictures that night I knew I wanted to get pictures in it!

I'm a pretty chesty gal and on NYE night my dress was not working with my boobages! I have to admit that I secretly love wardrobe issues because I like coming up with creative solutions. This particular dress was meant to be open in the front but has 2 strings at the top as well. I decided not to tie it the traditional way and opted to tie it around my neck instead. It was a simple solution that kept my girls in and wound up being pretty dang unique and cute!

I've done things like this in the past. I love wearing things in different and unexpected ways. This is a great idea with items that you really love but want to jazz up a bit. Don't be afraid to wear something a different way by adding a new color scheme, new jewelry, or just wearing it in a way it wasn't really meant for. That's one of the keys to developing personal style, just make it your own! There are no real rules so just do what works for you. Dare to be different!