Gift Guide 2015


For all of the folks buying gifts late in the season, look no further, I got you covered! If you're shopping for a special gal in your life I've put together a list of my 7 favorite gifts. Whether it be your best friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, or mom, there's something here for all of those lucky ladies. Let's start from the bottom shall we?!

  1. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Pallet I watch The Voice and I've fallen in love with Gwen Stefani all over again! Night after night I would talk about how amazing her make-up was and then I found out that she had her own eye shadow pallet! This is a great gift for any make-up lover or girly girl. With tons of neutrals and a few pops of color this pallet won't disappoint. Urban Decay is one of my favorite make-up brands and it's one that I love to purchase for other's as well. Their products are highly pigmented and shimmery which makes for some great Holiday looks!
  2. Hanky Panky Panty Set This is a nice cheeky (pun intended) gift for a girlfriend or wife. Lingerie makes for a great gift for that special someone, but Hanky Panky keeps it sexy and comfortable. I recommend this brand to everyone! Super comfortable and they have the best colors. They have different sets and styles to suit different women. These make for sexy stocking stuffers too!
  3. Kwanzaa Hoodie I recently purchased this for myself and I must say...I love it! I plan to buy it for my family. Growing up we celebrated Kwanzaa and although we no longer do, this hoodie is a great reminder to practice the principals not only doing the Holiday but year round. This makes for great zawadi (gifts) for kids too!
  4. Genesis 7 Consulting Gift Card My company is offering gift cards for closet evaluations and personal shopping for up to 2 hours for $150. This is an excellent gift for a mother or wife. These are two of our most popular services. Help the lady in your life start the year off right with a new wardrobe or a clean closet. Give the gift of style!
  5. Ann Klein Bangle Set I like this for a sister or friend. It's cute and trendy! It'll make a great gift for the special gal in your life that's always fashionably late!
  6. Miss Dior Blooming This is a great gift for a friend or girlfriend. Buying scents for people can be tricky so I recommend buying this for someone you're really close to. I chose this particular scent because it's light and pleasant. It's not too strong and has little sweetness to it which I love!
  7. Michael Kors Sachel Perfect for a mother or wife in need of a new purse. A beautiful bag is a great way to start the new year!