Marketing Services

We cater to businesses within the beauty, fashion, and wellness industries. Our marketing services are tailored to fit the needs of each business that we serve. After an initial consultation we will create a marketing proposal that best fits your marketing concerns and needs. Each proposal includes different service options that are tailored to the concerns addressed by the client. Schedule your initial consultation by filling out this consultation form.




After research and analysis is complete the business' core goals and needs are identified during a month long period. A strategic marketing plan will then be written and presented to the client. The plan acts as a guide and schedule to help the owner and/or designated personnel implement the actions provided in the plan. 



After a strategic marketing plan is written the consultant will work with the client to implement the plan. The consultant lays the marketing foundation for 6 months and trains designated personnel on continuing the marketing plan after the contract period. 



A strategic plan is created and implemented by the consultant. The consultant acts as a marketing manager/director that handles all of the clients marketing needs and is based on a yearly contract. 


Special Services

Marketing Evaluations
Marketing evaluations provide a fresh look on how the business' marketing efforts are aligned with the business' overall image on different marketing channels and platforms. Each marketing channel/platform will be assessed and evaluated. A brand analysis will be given to the client to help them make the necessary changes to create an appealing and cohesive brand. The evaluation includes impressions, improvements, actions, suggested goals, and a brand story guide.

Marketing Campaigns
A consultant will create a marketing campaign based on the clients' needs and targeted goals. This service is perfect for calling attention to a new product, service, sale, promotion, location opening, or general call to action. Marketing campaigns allow the client to connect with current customers and attract new ones through appealing and strategic campaigns.

Social Media Management
A consultant will grow desired social media accounts and manage each social platform. All content is approved or sent by the client and is based on a posting schedule. The consultant will create content and interact with the clients' audience as requested by the client.




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