Coaching and Training

A Genesis 7 stylist will guide and mentor you while giving you the tools you need to build a successful style based business. The program includes a 1 month trial period where we will build the foundation of your business. If you choose to move forward you can then enroll in a 3 month program that is constructed to help you build and grow your business no matter what stage you are in. Please read the different sections below to see which program best fits your current business needs.

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Style Starter

The style starter program is designed for the aspiring stylist that is in the beginning stages of their business. Whether you're starting from scratch or a year in, this program is made to give you the solid business foundation you're looking for. 

Style Switch

The Style Switch package is  for the stylish individual that already has a beauty or fashion based business but is looking to switch it up a bit with new services. This is great for designers, make-up artists, photographers, hair stylist, or related fields that want to add some variety to their business. We will teach you how to integrate styling services into your existing business. 

Style Star

The Style Star package is great for stylist that have already established their business but want to re-brand or refresh their existing business. You already have what it takes but maybe you need an extra boost! 



Other Coaching & Training Services

Boutique Sales Associate Training - Is your boutique or store in need of some fresh training? Schedule a consultation here to discuss your businesses training needs. Increase sales, merchandise awareness, customer service, and  styling expertise with our associate training workshop.

Business Coaching - Our business coaching services give you the tools, guidance, and resources needed to establish and grow your business. Whether you're in the concept, research and development, planning, or executing stages our program helps you gain clarity and direction as you build your business.