Monday Motivation - Enthusiasm

Investing in marketing is important now more than ever! With the rise of social media and rapidly changing markets, the need to reach your audience is imperative to your business thriving and surviving. Last week's blog post was all about being intentional which goes hand in hand with marketing. You can't just make social media accounts and take pretty pictures and expect your audience to fall in love with what you're selling. You have to strategize and be very intentional about what you're trying to communicate. When it comes to marketing you really do have to tap into some kind of emotion while telling a story AND most importantly you have to communicate what need it is that you are filling. All of this takes time, effort, and lots of work. Whatever marketing methods you choose make sure that your passion and your enthusiasm are transferred to the customer. You basically have to be your brands hype man. Get your audience excited about what you're providing them! In what ways to you express enthusiams to your audience?